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quote on label:
Autumn asks that we prepare for the
future~that we be wise in the ways of
garnering and keeping. But it also asks
that we learn to let go~to acknowledge
the beauty of sparseness.
~ Bonaro W. Overstreet


color: deep gold with swirls of red and brown
scent: mulled cider & cinnamon
gemstone: jade


Fall is my favorite season, and I took great care to perfect a candle that fully captures its vividness, comfort and spirit. This candle's rich, warm colors and soft yummy scent of cider and cinnamon evoke the magic of the season, a time of harvest, bounty and gratitude. Autumn will always be the beginning of my year. For most of us growing up, autumn was the real new year for 12-16 years, plus I was born in autumn. So for anyone who loves sweater weather, crisp days, ripe apples, slowing down, Thanksgiving, witnessing the Earth wearing her brightest and most glorious colors, the mysteries of dusk, and making preparations for the coming winter, this candle promises to delight. It will also make your home smell absolutely amazing!

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