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chakra balance

chakra balance

quote on label:
all is one - honor one another - honor oneself - love is divine power - surrender personal will to divine will - seek only the truth - live in the present moment


color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white
scent: sage, lilac and lemon
gemstone: clear quartz


There are seven power centers in your body, called chakras. Each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body, including your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. The intention of this powerful candle is to work with your chakra system as a whole. The label affirms the seven unique sacred truths related to the seven chakras, helping to achieve balance and wholeness.


1st Chakra - The foundation of emotional and mental health. Sacred Truth: All is One


2nd Chakra - Center of personal power, creativity, sexuality, money. Sacred Truth: Honor One Another


3rd Chakra - Center of self-esteem, personality and personal integrity. Sacred Truth: Honor Oneself


4th Chakra - Emotional lessons in love, forgiveness and compassion. Sacred Truth: Love's Divine Power


5th Chakra - Faith, lessons in self-expression, surrendering to the Divine. Sacred Truth: Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will


6th Chakra - Center of intuition, intellect, reasoning. Our third eye. Sacred Truth: Seek Only the Truth


7th Chakra - Connection to our spiritual nature. Sacred Truth: Live in the Present Moment

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