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Power of life-energy, vital spark,
Power to see far, and to
Imagine with boldness.
Power to purify our senses,
our hearts and our minds.
~ Ralph Metzner


color: golden orange with red and purple swirls
scent: cinnamon
gemstone: garnet


Spiritually, the fire element is associated with the Tarot suit of wands, the direction north, the season of summer, and the archangel Michael. Astrologically, the fire signs~Aries, Leo, Sagittarius~are adventurous, passionate leaders with tremendous strength and confidence. In Feng Shui, fire represents illumination of self, reputation, and visibility (fame) in the world.


There are literally hundreds of years worth of deep and historic writings spanning many spiritual paths about the elements, and I encourage you to explore them as you feel drawn to do so. My overview is merely the briefest of glimpses.

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