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get off your butt

get off your butt

quote on label:
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
~ Will Rogers


color: yellow with orange swirls
scent: tangerine, cantaloupe and cinnamon
gemstones: bloodstone, carnelian


My friend Claudia requested this candle for two reasons:

    1. To motivate her to exercise; and

    2. To light a fire under her husband's procrastinating butt.

She swears merely having the candle works like a constant tap-tap reminder ("you gonna do it? huh? when?") until she cries uncle and climbs on the treadmill. My personal procrastination du jour is working on my book, so I burn this candle to hush the wily voices who whip up a million excuses why I can, should and must put off my writing.


This candle is wonderful whenever you need that little extra boost of motivation or gentle pestering to do what your heart of hearts knows is necessary and good for you.

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