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home sweet home

home sweet home

quote on label:
Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.
~ Jane Austen


color: deep cranberry red
scent: pear, mulled cider and cinnamon
gemstone: clear quartz


Despite my eclectic Libran social needs, I am a major homebody. Always have been. I spend countless hours each week fluffing my nest: sorting, culling, organizing, cleaning, puttering, squawking and rearranging. My home is my haven, the one place on Earth I can truly rest at any given time~braless, in my comfiest clothes~or emotionally collapse at a moment's notice.


This candle honors the importance of home. The sanctuary of safety and sanctity to BE. Makes a heartfelt housewarming gift to a friend, or as a hug to your Self.

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