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image on label: art by my amazingly talented and beautiful friend Tina Duryea.  Please see her work at


color: white with forest green and brown swirls

scent: sandalwood and sage

gemstones: bloodstone


100% of your purchase of the Koala candle is going to the World Wildlife Fund ( which is actively raising funds in response to the desperate situation in Australia. Your purchase of the Koala candle will help support the immediate response to the fires, crisis recovery, and long-term conservation efforts toward securing Australia's natural resources for people and nature in a time of climate emergency.


To understand the power of animal totems, one must accept that animals are messengers and reflections of Spirit. Each animal possesses energy and lessons wondrously unique to that creature. The unique way each animal moves through life holds powerful lessons, just as sure as other humans do. We invite you to pay attention to the animals that grace your path~be they via dreams, in nature, or within your attractions and fears.

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